Past, Present and Future of Environmentalism - Presentation for Mapua’s Social Sciences and Education week

As part the week in Social Sciences and Education at Mapua University, I was grateful for the opportunity to share my thoughts about environmentalism with some of the bright, emerging minds of the Philippines.

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Past, Present and Future for Environmentalism

I attempted to share what I felt was a good cross-section of links and references which represent the evolution of my own views since taking a similar course during my own time spent in university. I suspect more robust references could be found within the walls of academia.

My hope is that what I shared will help give some students ideas on how to forge their own path in the world and find the courage to pursue their passion in a field as dynamic and complex as environmental sustainability.

Readers are asked to please be mindful that the contents of this presentation were delivered with an addtional oral explanation so there is potential to misinterpret the statements.

I welcome respectful discussion on this and I recognize that some of the topics discussed inside may have alterantive explanations that are also valid. Meanwhile I will also contend that there are plenty of messages and opinions that we (humanity) have adopted which give a comfortable position from which to continue our destructive tendencies.

Progress has been made, but we still have lots of work ahead of us.

Opinions expressed in this presentation should not be considered as representative of the broader sunE team.

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