How the sunEsystem works

sunE is an electric tricycle that will move riders around the Philippines in a more clean, comfortable, and cost effective way.

Clean because as an electric vehicle, it doesn’t emit dirty exhaust and is silent running. Comfortable because the ride is more spacious and quieter than a conventional tricycle. Cost effective because there is no cost of gas and an electric motor requires less maintenance than a combustion engine. This will mean a better ride for passengers for the equivalent price and more money in the driver’s pocket. Electric also means no stops at the pump which brings down the drivers operating costs down significantly.

The System


Three integrated parts to form a complete a solar electric transport solution. This system makes the sunEsolution a profitable business for Filipino entrepreneurs.


the sunEtrike

These low-speed electric tricycles outperform most other vehicles for last mile transportation of people and cargo. Each starter kit includes four electric tricycles which can operate in a variety of commercial roles, ranging from from commuter passenger services to cargo transport. They each have capacity to carry up to seven passengers or 500 kg of freight, with top operating speeds of 50 km. The trikes can travel approximately 40 km per battery charge, depending on weight and hills, and that range can be doubled by swapping discharged batteries with fully charged ones.



Every electric tricycle (sunEtrike) comes with two sets of five batteries/set (sunEstorage). The standard system includes 40 12V 120 Ah deep cycle lead acid batteries, because sunE operators have found that lead acid batteries are the most cost effective choice for most locations. Under normal operations, one battery set is charging with solar energy while the other set operates in the E-trike. The extends the operating range of the system and eliminates downtime during the charging phase.



The solar-hybrid charging system powers sunEoperations. A sunEstarter kit includes 4 kW of solar electric generating capacity. Approximately 25m2 of roof space are needed to fit all the panels.

Even though the majority energy generation will come from solar energy grid backup will also be play a part in the system. This ensures no downtime days because of poor weather or increased demand.


sunE is currently restricted to operations on private properties such as industrial parks and residential subdivisions Suitable services

Please contact us if you think that the sunE system can help you with your local mobility needs or to get more information.