Save fuel today with the Carbon Cutter by Engine Ecology!

Join thousands of Filipinos already saving fuel everyday!

How much will I save?

Depende sa motor mo at ruta mo. Results for TODA members are usually between P30 and P100 per day (sometimes more).

Daily savings Yearly savings Payback Period
₱30 ₱9,000 50 days
₱50 ₱15,000 30 days
₱70 ₱21,000 22 days
₱90 ₱27,000 17 days
₱110 ₱33,000 14 days

How does the Carbon Cutter work?

Has this been tested?

The most reliable, independent test to date was perfrmed by the DOST in 2018. We expect more rigorous testing to come!

DOST Environmental Test Verification Statement for the Carbon Cutter

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In case that’s not enough, we have daily discounts for registered TODA members!

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