Here’s why sunE has stopped promotion of Engine Ecology’s Carbon Cutter

After a couple of years of installing the Carbon Cutter product on motorcycles used in TODAs and evaluating its ability to deliver cleaner exhaust, more power and better fuel efficiency to the Filipino Tricycle/TODA sector, sunE has stopped promoting this product.

This came on the heels of rigourous testing at De La Salle Binan’s new Smart Vehicle Testing Centre. We tested multiple Kawasaki Barako & Honda TMX units of different ages which were rectruited directly from the local TODA.

Carbon Cutter DLSU Testing

At the end of the testing, the results were not definitive about an improvement in fuel efficiency. While some benefit was observed (especially at lower gears and RPMs), there were also results that complicated that relatively simplistic explanation.

The testing also raised some issues with the product which, in our opinion, need to be addressed before further commercialization efforts.

These issues could possibly be resolved by the right team and sufficient resources. However, this is not sunE’s expertise.

We did believe it would be advantageous to adopt a promising transitional technology into our go-to-market strategy. But ultmiately, is outside of our core mission to accelerate the Electrification of Filipino Public Transportation.

We wish all the best to Dan & Engine Ecology in their efforts to make ICE motors more efficient and clean burning.